Expertise in hydrology and engineering
since 1994

"Center of processes´ analysis and research", Ltd (PAIC) is a private R&D company founded in June 1994 by the researchers of the Department of Physics and Mathematics, University of Latvia.

The main business interests of PAIC concern mathematical modeling and consulting in hydrology and engineering, as well as software development.

The research fields encounter modeling of coastal hydro- and morphodynamical processes, river hydraulics and hydrodynamics, groundwater filtration, water quality, and investigation of thermophysical parameters of constructions and materials.

Our aim is in welding high level of theoretical investigations with employment of contemporary analysis and visualization tools to define key problems of our customers and provide complex solutions meeting their needs at best available level.

We are proud to have three largest Latvian Port Authorities (Ventspils, Riga, Liepaja), Latvian Sea Administration, SJSC UP "Latvenergo", State Forest Authority, several sound Latvian construction and building companies among our customers.

We started in 1994 with the ideas of employment of the theoretical investigations and mathematical models of hydrology and engineering in industrial applications. We trusted in the will of the Latvian enterprises to benefit from the interaction with R&D. Nowadays we have become a one of the leading national centres of hydrological research as well as the growing company with annual turnover about 200000 LVL (284574,36 €).